Dimmed Lights, Flickering, & Blown Fuses: 3 Indications You Need To Call An Electrician

It's dangerous to try and attempt electrical repairs on your own, even if you simply need to splice together a couple of wires or replace a wall socket. However, there are certain signs that your home or office is in need of an electrical inspection, and not everyone knows what to look for. Below are three of the most dangerous electrical issues that can manifest in your home or office and why it is important to call a qualified electrician to handle the repairs.

Variations In Brightness Among Identical Light Fixtures

One indication that your home or office building might be suffering from electrical problems is when light fixtures using the same type and intensity of light bulbs exhibit varying levels of brightness. This might be an issue involving the light fixture's socket assembly, or potentially something more complex in the wiring of the building.

At any rate, the voltage surging through your home is more than enough to inflict a fatal injury, and one mistake may cost you infinitely more than a simple repair bill.

Flickering Lights

Most people consider a flickering light more of a nuisance than a danger, but a flicker is generally indicative of faulty wiring somewhere in between the breaker and the light fixture. Although this is often attributed to large appliances drawing the bulk of a building's available power, it might also be the result of faulty connections at the circuit panel.

The most dangerous aspect of this kind of flickering is that, somewhere along the electrical circuit, electricity arcs each and every time the light flickers. While this typically only results in minimal heat generation, there is always the possibility that the arc could come into contact with combustible materials and start a fire. This is perhaps the most important reason you need to call an electrician if lights in your home or office are flickering.

Constant Circuit Breaker Trips & Blown Fuses

Another indication that the building may suffer from faulty electrical components is when your circuit breaker frequently trips, or when fuses are consistently blown. Your electrical system will experience blown fuses and tripped breakers when amperage in excess of what the system was designed to accommodate arises.

Moreover, as with flickering lights, tripped breakers and blown fuses indicate that there is an electrical short or overload somewhere in the system, and only professional electricians are truly qualified to remedy such situations. All in all, these kinds of issues are perhaps the clearest indication that there is a problem.

Overall, while it is best to leave all electrical repairs to electricians, these three issues represent some of the most dangerous kinds of electrical problems. You should never attempt to diagnose or repair such problems on your own, not only for your own safety, but the building's as well. To learn more, contact Attaboy Electric Service LLC