Typical Electric Issues Found In Older Homes And How To Fix Them

Electrical issues can derive from a variety of different sources and although there may be some you can fix yourself, others may require the assistance of an electrician. Older houses may have quite a few power disturbances such as electrical outlets that have not been grounded properly and older receptacle outlets. The information below outlines several electrical issues found in older homes and tips on ways to alleviate them.

Wire Junction Box

Wire junctions, the point where two or more wires meet, should be enclosed within a junction box. The junction box is required to reduce the risk of a possible shock hazard. However, older homes that haven't had any electrical upgrades in a while may have some exposed live wires that could cause a shock related injury. For this reason, it is essential to have the wire junction box checked over to ensure it is in regular working condition.

Knob & Tube Wiring

The knob & tube wiring was popular in homes built before the 1950s. Conductors located on the knob & tube wiring are separated instead of wrapped in sheathed cable like more modern homes. The sheathed cable wiring is also equipped with insulated conductors, which are used to wrap the wires together. This type of wiring is considered a safer alternative to knob & tube wiring. In fact, most knob & tube wiring are no longer used in homes because of safety hazards and the lack of grounding conductors. The older the knob and tube wiring the more it will start to become brittle, which may cause arcing and fires. If your home has old knob & tube wiring it may be beneficial to have it replaced with sheathed cable wiring to prevent these hazardous situations.

Wire Bushing And Clamps

If there are missing wiring bushings and clamps where the wiring enters your metal junction box, it may cause the wires to start to fray and become exposed. The wiring along the metal junction box should be equipped with wire clamps to protect the wiring from any possible mechanical related damage. The purpose of the wire clamps and bushings is to keep the wiring from touching the junction box.  For instance, if the clamps are missing or improperly installed the vibration of your garbage disposal may begin to cut through your home's insulation around the wires. The exposed live conductors could then lead to a possible shock related injury.

Consider consulting with an electrician to find out if your home's electrical system will need to be updated. This will enable you to live in comfort knowing that your home is safe from possible hazardous electrical situations due to faulty or outdated equipment. To learn more, contact an electrician at Action Electric