2 Reasons To Switch To Recessed Lighting

Are you in the middle of renovating your home? Although you might be tempted to head to the hardware store to peruse the boxed lighting options, the fact of the matter is that your contractor might be able to add the perfect touch of light—without any fancy fixtures. Here are two reasons to switch to recessed lighting, and how it can improve your home:

1: Warm Glow

Don't you hate that glaring light from that overhead dome light? In addition to making it hard to relax or watch television, that bright light can make your living room look cheap. Fortunately, recessed lighting can give your space a beautiful, warm glow. Because recessed lighting is typically installed in groups, your entire ceiling can light up, without shining too much light on any one area.

Also, because you can choose where to place recessed lighting instead of worrying about centering a lighting fixture in the middle of the room, you can highlight different pieces of furniture, art, or living areas. For example, you might decide to have your contractor place a few extra recessed lights over your fireplace, so that you can show off that gorgeous family photo.

2: Modern Look

One of the best things about recessed lighting is that each bulb is partially hidden in your ceiling. Instead of having to deal with covering an unsightly bulb with a glass cover or a shade, you simply see the bottom part of a flat recessed lighting floodlight. Here are a few reasons that recessed lighting can make your home look modern and gorgeous:

  • Eliminates Lighting Fixture Clutter: Have you ever noticed how cluttered your ceiling can start to look by the time you install a ceiling fan, a few dome lights, and a chandelier? Fortunately, recessed lighting can light up your space, without contributing to the clutter.
  • Simple, Natural Light: Recessed lighting can also be installed along with dimmer switches, so that you can control the amount of light that floods your space. This gives you the option of creating simple, natural light that fits the mood perfectly.
  • Complementary Lighting: However, if you love the look of that modern chandelier or fantastic lamp that doubles as an art piece, recessed lighting also works well as complementary lighting. You can install it along with any lighting fixture to add an extra dose of brightness wherever you see fit.  

By choosing recessed lighting through JF Electrical Contractors, Inc, you can brighten up your space, and give your home a modern touch.