Four Things You Will Want To Know Before Choosing The Right Lighting For Your Home

With incandescent light bulbs being phased out of use, and hard-to-find or not even sold in stores, you will eventually need to upgrade the lighting in your home. This means that the lights that you need will be either CFL (compact fluorescent lights) or LEDs (light emitting diodes). Both of these technologies are very efficient, and can be used for different applications. You may want to use LEDs for recessed strip lighting, or CFL lights for lighting in a home office.

There is also a different in cost for the different lighting solutions, which you will want to have the best combination of cost and energy savings for your home. Here are some tips that will help you to choose the best lighting systems for your home, and do it for less:

1. Choosing Natural Lighting For Studies And Home Offices With CFL Lighting

CFL lighting can be great for many areas of your home. This type of lighting is not as energy efficient as LED lights, but it can give you better natural lighting. If you have a home office, study, library or reading area, CFL lights can provide you with light that is closer to natural light. This type of lighting can be easier on the eyes and good for these areas.

2. The Best Combinations Of Lighting In Kitchens And Bathrooms

In the kitchen and bathrooms in your home may have different types of lighting needs. You may want to have hidden or recessed lighting beneath cabinets in the kitchen or over the mirror on a bathroom vanity. This can be accomplished with LED strip lighting, which can be a much better solution for these areas. If you want more light in these areas, you can also combine them with more conventional fixtures with CFL lighting.

3. Giving Your Outdoor Space The Right Lighting With LED Technology

You may have flood lighting and bright outdoor fixtures for your landscape lighting. These lights can consume a lot of energy, which is why you may want to consider using LEDs for this area of your home. There are newer landscape lighting the use CREE LEDs that produce more lumens for these types of outdoor applications.

4. Getting The Best Performance With Smart lighting For Living Rooms And Gathering Areas

In main living areas, like living rooms and sitting areas where you spend a lot of time with your family, smarter lighting solutions are available. Many manufactures produce smart lighting that can be controlled with home automation and automatically adjust according to your needs and to save energy. Some of these can even be controlled with an application that you use on a smartphone.

If you want to upgrade the lighting in your home, knowing some of these things can help you to save money and energy for your lighting. If you want to have some of the fixtures and installations in your home changed to get the best performance from your lighting, contact a professional electrician to see how they can help you with these improvements to the lighting in your home.

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