Did You Marry Mr. Fix It? How To Convince Your Husband To Hire A Professional Electrician

If your husband fancies himself Mr. Fix It, it can be difficult to convince him to hire a professional when needed. Sometimes your husband's do-it-yourself attitude and skills come in handy, but working with electricity can be dangerous. So, how do you convince your husband to stay away from your home's wiring and hire a professional electrician to complete repairs?

Be Honest and Empathetic

Sometimes it's hard not to argue a point with passion when you're trying to convey an important message to someone. However, if your husband is a handy guy who's used to fixing things himself, you need to approach the subject of hiring an electrical contractor with care. The last thing you want to do is make him feel like you think that he can't make the repairs needed. Instead of demanding that he hire an electrician, let your husband know that you know he can do the work, but you'd feel better if he hired a licensed professional to work with the electricity in your home.

Put Safety First

Anytime you work with electricity, there's a chance you could get injured. However, chances are you're probably more concerned about your husband being injured while doing electrical work than he is. So, don't approach the topic of safety by explaining that you're worried that he'll get injured. Instead, explain to your husband that you'll feel safer having a professional electrician complete the job because you're worried about the safety of your family as a whole. After all, electrical equipment, overloaded outlets, and inadequate wiring are among the top 10 causes of home fires. All it takes is one simple mistake to make your house go up in flames.

Discuss the Cost

Many do-it-yourselfers complete their own home repairs to save money. However, hiring an electrician can actually save you money in the long run. Improperly completed work can result in poorly functioning circuits, which can cause damage to your appliances' motors, ruin electronic gears, and damage any electrical devices that you have plugged in. Hiring a professional electrician solves this problem, because licensed electricians have the experience needed to make sure all of the wiring and circuits in your home are adequate and properly working.

Convincing your spouse to hire a professional to make repairs around your home isn't always easy, especially if your husband enjoys making repairs himself. However, hiring a professional electrician to complete electrical repairs can save you money and keep your family and home safe. So, don't avoid the topic, just approach the discussion with an open mind and be empathetic to your spouses feelings. Contact a local electrician, like Dunedin Electric Co., Inc.