Professional Gamers Need Electrical Layouts That Support Performance

As computer and gaming devices become more advanced, the need for a reliable and flexible electrical grid becomes more apparent. Insufficient electrical sockets, overloaded wiring and consistency issues can ruin the entertaining and fun, yet demanding world of professional gaming. As you upgrade your systems and look for improvements, cast your eye to the electrical system while considering a few problem points and fixes.

Avoiding Overload At The Gaming Station

Professional gamers make their income through skilled gameplay, entertaining personalities, bleeding-edge previews and reviews or any combination of those traits. To do this, there's often a need for a gaming console as well as powerful video production computer (or, in the case of computer gamers, multiple computers) that take up a lot of space on the electrical outlets.

Gaming systems and computers aren't powerful industrial machines, but they can still over-task existing wiring. Just as an entertainment system with large speakers can cause a blackout in a home, so too can computers and gaming consoles when used at the same time.

The issue is even more dire if the wiring in your building is old. If you're running your gaming career out of your home, you may have some simple wiring that is designed for only basic appliances--even more basic if the home was built before computers really took off in terms of personal use sales.

When you have a lot of devices connected to the same wall, a specific line of wiring can become overheated. Electricity is a source of heat, and the intense use that constant computer and gaming console performance can bring may cause the wiring to become brittle over time.

In addition to the risk of overloading the fuse box, brittle wires can lead to unplanned power loss as the wires move and come apart as they heat and cool. To combat this issue, an electrical contractor from a company like Mid City Electric can replace the wiring and add a more diverse, balanced wiring scheme.

A more diverse wiring scheme consists of additional power outlets to reduce overload at a specific point, as well as pulling extra wiring through the walls that can provide multiple travel paths for electricity. This means less burden on single wiring paths.

Bring Your Network Through The Walls Safely

Although a lot of computer networking is better left to Information Technology (IT) professionals, there are some electrical safety issues that are better left to an electrical contractor.

To achieve the speed and consistency of wired Internet when wireless just isn't good enough, your Internet cables can be routed through the walls just like your electrical wires. You can even have wall outlet plates designed specifically for Ethernet cables or optical fiber cables.

The dangerous part is the proximity to electrical wiring. Some wires can get so hot on a regular basis that they may melt the shielding on certain network cables--a problem that can create toxic smoke due to the chemical content in PVC, which is a danger shared by many other electronic devices.

Contact an electrical contractor to make the installation safe and to create a powerful electrical backbone that can support all your professional gaming needs.