3 Energy Saving Myths Debunked

In today's modern world, it's impossible not to use a certain amount of electricity. Refrigerators alone require so much electricity, not to mention air conditioners, electronics, and laundry machines. With the use of all this electricity, there's a lot of talk about how to save energy. Everyone wants to save energy for two main reasons: to save money and to help the environment. Unfortunately, a lot of the energy savings tips people are fed today are myths. Fortunately, debunking these myths will let you know the truth about how you can truly save energy.

Myth: Keeping something on constantly is more efficient than turning it on and off.

Fact: It's always better to turn something on and off then to keep it on constantly. Many people believe this myth because they believe there's a huge electrical surge when you turn something on. In reality, there is a very tiny surge that adds virtually nothing to your electricity bill. For example, you might think keeping the lights on in a room is better than turning them off if you're just leaving for a moment, but the amount of electricity used when the lights stay on far exceeds the tiny surge that occurs when you turn the lights on.

Myth: The most efficient way to cool the house down is by leaving the air conditioner on all day, even if no one is home.

Fact: Your air conditioner will use less energy to cool down a hot house than it will to stay on all day. Air conditioners are one of the greatest energy suckers, but it is still more efficient to only keep the air on when you're home. If you want your air conditioner to use less energy, when you do turn it on, keep it a few degrees higher than you normally would; the lower the temperature, the more energy the air conditioner uses.

Myth: Solar energy only provides savings during the day.

Fact: Even though you're only using the power provided by solar installations during the day, the investment continues to pay off at night. When you use electricity from solar panels during the day, your utility company actually gives you credits. At night, when you're back on the grid, any electricity used is either partially or completely covered by the credits.

Knowing the facts from the myths, in addition to always being aware of the energy you're using, are the best ways to save energy and money. For more information, talk to a professional like Plisko Electric.