Don't DIY: Three Situations That Are Better Suited For An Electrician

As a homeowner, it's ideal to be able to do some basic electrical jobs around your home as a means to save money. Simple tasks such as changing a light switch or wall outlet are typically straightforward to perform on your own, provided you have the correct tools and can spend a little time learning about the job first. There are other times, however, that you're better off taking a step back and calling an expert. Arranging a service call from an electrician will ensure that the job is not only done correctly, but also safely. Where electricity is concerned, it's best to have an expert handle the issue if you have any doubts. Here are three times that are better to call an electrician that try to do the work yourself.

Wall Outlets Are Warm

While it's simple enough to change a wall outlet, it's best to call an expert if you notice that one or more wall outlets in your home are warm to the touch or even give a slight shock when you make contact with them. This situation is more prevalent in homes with old wiring and can be an indicator of a problem that isn't suitable for a novice. Faulty wiring is possibly to blame, which means there's a significant risk of a shock or even a fire if the job isn't fixed properly.

Frequent Circuit Breaker Trips

If your home has a circuit breaker that frequently trips, it's a sign that there's an issue with overloading. Symptoms of this issue include when you try to simultaneously run two small appliances, such as a toaster and a microwave, that are plugged into the same wall outlet. Although you can temporarily get around this problem by removing one of the appliances, this approach isn't a long-term fix. It's best to have an electrician visit your home to discover the reason for the overload and replace the problematic circuit on your board accordingly to prevent future occurrences.

Your Wall Outlets Are Overloaded

It can be easy to plug in power bars or multi-outlet attachments to your wall outlets to allow you to run multiple devices from the same outlet, but doing so isn't necessarily safe. Whenever you have this scenario, often called an octopus because of the proliferation of cords, it's a not-so-subtle sign that your home's wiring is a possibly outdated. An electrician can add more wall outlets and ensure your home can handle the extra load.

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