4 Warning Signs That You May Need To Upgrade Your Electrical Panel

Your electrical panel is most likely not going to stop working all at once; however, it will give you warning signs to let you know that it needs to be upgraded. Watch out for the following warning signs that your electrical panel needs to be upgraded. 

#1 Your Panel Is Full

If all the spots on your panel are currently occupied, you may want to consider upgrading your panel. That way, if you want to add any additional circuits and outlets down the line, you will have the space to do so. 

#2 Your Breaker Goes Off Constantly

You should not trip your breaker on a regular basis. This should be something that happens so irregularly you have to think for a second where your electrical panel is located. If you're constantly tripping your breaker, then your current electrical panel can't handle your daily demand for electricity. You need to upgrade your electrical panel and you may need to add in a few additional circuits to manage your power load.

#3 Your Lights Flicker When Big Appliances Kick On

When your air conditioner, heater or other large appliance turn on, the rest of the electricity in your house should not be affected. However, if your electrical panel is overloaded, or if you have too many items on the same circuit, you will notice your lights flicker whenever large appliances turn on and off.

They flicker because energy is being diverted from your lights to the large appliances that are demanding more electrical energy. Your current electrical set-up is not supplying them with enough power.

#4 You Need More Outlets

If you have an extension cord plugged into every outlet in your house, what you really need is more outlets. Your outlets are not designed to power so many devices all at once. When you start to notice that you are trying to expand the capacity of all of your outlets, you need to look into adding additional outlets throughout your home and expanding your electrical panel instead of adding more extension cords.

If you see or experience more than one of the warning signs listed above, you need to call up a qualified electrician this week and get a quote on how much it will cost you to upgrade your electrical panel. That way, you'll have a little time to save up and pick the right contractor before you absolutely have to upgrade your electrical panel.