Be Aware Of These 3 Electrical System Red Flags

Even a home that is brand new construction can run into sudden electrical problems. It can result in losing power to your home, or in some extreme situations, an electrical fire. You should be aware of your electrical system's red flags so that you can catch problems before they get worse. Use these tips to identify three potential problems.

Exposed or Frayed Outdoor Wiring

Have you ever taken a close look at the wires going to your home from the utility pole? Do they look brand new, or do they hang low and look frayed? The wiring may be designed for the outdoors, but it needs replacement when it clearly has signs that the wiring is worn down.

This type of damage happens from exposure to high winds or tree branches rubbing against the line. If you don't have the line replaced, the exposed part of the wire could cause a spark to come off the wire and potentially start a fire.

Your local electric company is who should be notified about problems so they can fix the wire.

Circuit Breaker Problems

Have you been frequently blowing fuses in your home's circuit breaker panel? It's a clear sign that circuits are overloaded. This can easily happen if a new appliance is installed in your home and it shares a circuit with other appliances that tend to hog a lot of power--for example, the water heater, microwave, or clothes dryer.

An electrician can rewire the circuits so that the outlets are split differently, or install a new fuse that will isolate the appliances causing problems.

Hesitations When Switching On Your Lights

Do you notice a slight pause between when you turn a light switch on and when the lights actually come on? This hesitation could be a sign that your wiring is going bad. It might seem like a minor inconvenience, but it is not a problem that should be taken lightly. 8.3% of electrical fires are caused by light bulbs and lamp problems, and 11.4% are due to switches and outlets. It's simply not worth the risk when this is a problem you cannot diagnose on your own. Contact a commercial electrician to inspect the wiring and make any necessary changes.

These are just a few red flags that should be a concern as a homeowner. If you ever think that something could be wrong with your electrical work, speak with an electrician about it and see how serious of a problem it really is.