Commercial Electrical System Upgrades For More Efficient Energy Designs

The electrical systems for your business may need to be updated. This is a good time to start planning investments in a better energy design for the commercial property. The improvements can include things like dedicated circuits and renewable solar energy. You can also upgrade the lighting when rewiring your business and install automation systems. The following commercial electrical system upgrades are some of the improvements that you may want to invest in:

Dedicated and Metered Circuits

The equipment you have installed in your business is important and sometimes needs dedicated circuits. This can be an upgrade that allows you to monitor equipment effectively to ensure everything is working smoothly. In addition to the dedicated circuits, you may also want to have them metered. These can be meters that are integrated into electrical outlets or installed in the electrical boxes of equipment or breakers of electrical systems.

Updating Commercial Electrical Service

The commercial electrical service for your business may be outdated and undersized. Therefore, it may be a good investment to update the electrical service for the needs of your modern technology and equipment that is installed in your business. There may be other systems that you need for your business, such as 3-phase electrical connections for special equipment needs. The 3-phase systems may require special electrical installations that you will want to discuss with your contractor.

Integrating Renewable Energy Into Electrical Systems

Another improvement that you may want to invest in for a commercial roof installation is renewable energy. This can start with simple exterior lighting systems that are solar-powered. Inside your business, solar energy can be integrated into the electrical systems with panels that are installed on the roof. These systems can power things like smaller appliances and systems that do not require a lot of electricity to run.

Redesigning the Lighting and Installing Automated Systems

Lastly, lighting upgrades may be simple and affordable improvements that you want to invest in. Today, lighting technology is more efficient than the lights that may currently be installed in your building. There are options for LED lighting that provide different colors and tones of light for your business's needs. There are event LED bay lights that can be used to replace old fluorescent tube lighting that is outdated and less efficient. There are also simple automation solutions that can be installed, such as motion sensors and timers for lighting.

These are some of the commercial electrical system upgrades that you will want to consider for your business. If you are ready to improve your building's energy design, contact a commercial electrical service and ask about these solutions.